9th gen/exclusivity/humility

Very few Americans and people around the world are heirs to the 9th generation or further. This understanding impacts our founder.

properties of david p williams sold in 1800s

David P. Williams lost properties during the 1800s after the Civil War.

properties of david p williams sold in early 1902

David P. Williams wife sold the remaining properties after his passing.

own property and neighbors properties

Archie P. Williams was the only person in David Williams line who owned properties in 1910s-1920s in Natchez. He owned Lot 7 and his neighbors owned Lots around him including Lot 3 and 4

lot 7 sold: williams legacy ends for all but his grandson

Archie P. Williams (whos father and his wife sold most of the family holdings in the Natchez area) had a property of his own, Lot 7 which he gave to his daughters. They sold the property in 1957 and kept mineral rights but no oil and gas was produced.

The children and grandchildren of Archie P. Williams (with the exception of Archie J.Williams) would have their line of inheritances ended with the sale of lot 7 in 1957.

lot 3, 4 and 8 given to the grandson archie j williams

Archie P. Williams neighbors owned properties around his lot 7 which included lot 3, 4, 8 and others. 

While Archie P. Williams did not own these properties so he could not pass to his heirs directly. He did get his neighbors to give the properties to his grandson Archie J. Williams. Thus the Williams line in Natchez MS was continued with Archie J. Williams

another property of hamilton (neighbor of archie p williams) given to his grandson

Another example of a property owned by a neighbor of Archie P. Williams (John Hamilton Sr. ) which was given to his grandson Archie J. Williams as he married John's daughter Sue in 1926

1980s-early 2000 children of archie j williams sell most of properties

The 5 sons of Archie J. Williams sold most of their properties between the 1960s and the year 2000. 

2020s - williams legacy revived: anton r williams companies

Anton R. Williams, great grandson of Archie J. Williams, received inheritance/wealth transfer and then created his own real estate, oil and gas, renewable energy and timber companies. He greatly expanded the holdings to include properties formerly owned by Williams after being sold outside the family in addition to new business ventures.