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Williams descent and estate ownership passing through 9 generations from David Williams in the 1700s to Anton R. Williams in the 2000s (majority owner). Estate is held within a secured and restricted trust

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David Williams family of Natchez began in 1700s with his arrival and were still regarded 200 years later as pioneer family and also still one of the wealthiest ones. David Williams was a from Bangor, Wales, England and migrated to the U.S. in the 1760s. He was a lawyer and established timber, tobacco, corn and cotton businesses on over 11,000 acres in several states. Those business have continued through the generations unto today. Anton R. Williams is the 9th generation from David Williams and the majority owner, owning some of the same assets from David Williams in the 1700s and passed through the generations.

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Archie P. Williams was a great grandson of David Williams who was the family progenitor. He was born a free person of color as his father, also named David Williams after the progenitor, ensured his mothers freedom before his birth. David P. Williams also ensured his share of family wealth and thus Archie P. Williams was one of few millionaries in 1800s, with a value in current dollars at $200 million.

Archie P. Williams is the great great great grandfather of Anton R. Williams.

 History of Williams social involvement and periods of activity self funded by business operations

David Williams, 1790s transaction

James C. Williams 1820s transaction

David P. Williams 1860s transaction

Archie P. Williams 1870s transaction


Archie J Williams 1940s transaction

Odell Williams 1970s transaction

Anton R. Williams 2020s transaction